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Some Landlords Raising Rents to Get Ahead of Proposition 10

Tenants concerned about early rent increases as landlords look to maximize income
The election is drawing near and because of that, we're starting to hear stories about Proposition 10 and how it's affecting people in Los Angeles, even before the election takes place. Curbed LA recently published an article that discussed these leaked stories. Renters are receiving notices of rent increases for properties that are currently not covered in rent control that would be rent-controlled if Prop 10 passes. When landlords are asked why they are raising rents immediately, some simply say it's "because of the election." Not all landlords are citing the election as the reason for the rent increases however most people are quick to assume that's the reason.

This is a pattern that's being seen across the state and is not isolated to Los Angeles. People are being affected by this potential rent control expansion even before the election. That's one of the repercussions of this proposition being on the ballot. Landlords and property development groups have staunchly opposed this proposition. Renters generally are in favor. The majority of advertising that's been released over the last several weeks has been against proposition 10 because of the large amounts of financial backing that the proposition opposers have.

Early polling Indicates that the proposition will not pass. 

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